Trade-Contractor Information


Please print two copies for the Trade-Contract agreement. BOTH copies must be initialed on each page and signed. Return to our office within 10 days of acceptance as a contractor. A fully executed copy will be returned for your files.


All Trade-Contractors must comply with all rules and/or regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Labor under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (O.S.H.A.); Equal Opportunity and Non- discrimination regulations, in addition to all State, Local, and J. F. Smith Building Contractors, Inc. safety requirements.

Payment Policy

The following items must be submitted to our office and on file prior to any payments being made against your Trade-Contract agreement. Please be sure all applicable items are on file and current prior to submitting your first Payment Request.

  • Signed Trade-Contract Agreement (WITH PAGES 1 THROUGH 18 & SAFETY RULES INITIALED)
  • Purchase order signed and sent back with Trade-Contract Agreement
  • Trade Contractor Questionnaire
  • Licensing Information applicable to your trade (form enclosed if not currently on file)
  • Payment and Performance bond (if required by Trade-Contract agreement)
  • Current Certificate of Insurance for Liability/Auto/Worker’s Compensation (minimum of $500,000 on General Liability)

It is your responsibility to verify all items are on file in our office to avoid delay in processing payment. If you have any questions, please check with the Project Secretary shown below.

Requests For Payment

(must use the Trade Contractor Payment Request form)

Requests for payment MUST BE IN OUR OFFICE NO LATER THAN THE 20th DAY OF THE MONTH during which work was performed (unless otherwise stated in your Trade-Contract agreement). Requests received after the stated time may be held for payment the following pay cycle.

Waivers & Releases

You will be required to furnish both partial and final releases from your suppliers and/or trade contractors on this job.


There will be no changes and/or modifications to this agreement except in writing.

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